The Natural Beauty of Woodlands Wild

Woodlands Wild is home to an amazing diversity of plants and wildlife. We are visited by echidnas, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, parrots, honey eaters, kookaburras, and occasionally a fish or two spotted in the waterfall pools of the bordering creek. Areas of undisturbed bush are a wonder-land of tree species, beautiful fungi, cool temperate rain forest, and amazing tree ferns.

Whether it's the Superb Blue Wren flitting from perch to perch, or the breathtaking Wedge Tailed Eagles soaring effortlessly over the Bluff to survey their domain, there is unmatched beauty in every corner of Woodlands Wild.

There are five generations of family connected with Woodlands Wild and a lifetime of love for the land.

The lightly stocked farming of beef and sheep over the decades has been mostly for the purpose of land care, keeping weeds away and pastures healthy. The limited number of cattle and sheep have historically been sold through the wholesale markets.

However, as the next generation of property stewards take up the reins of Woodlands Wild a new and exciting direction is in progress. Consumers are discovering the exceptional flavour and quality of seasonal prime lamb supplied direct from the salt sprayed ocean front pastures. You can Contact Us to arrange for whole lamb, 'two-tooth' hogget, or mutton orders for your family freezer, or for your special event.

If you would like to try our prime Otway lamb we would love to welcome you as a select new customer for our ethically farmed livestock.