Free Range Natural Food - Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Prime Otway Lamb, Walker’s Wool,
and Seasonal Produce

Woodlands Wild is a local family farm bringing you the very best in Otway Coast produce. If you're on holiday near the Great Ocean Road treat yourself to some delicious Prime Otway Lamb. If you’re on the Great Ocean Walk use our refined Walkers Wool to help prevent blisters and sore feet.

Drop by for our gourmet sausage sizzle at the Apollo Bay Foreshore Community Market, or the Carlton North Farmers market in Melbourne and pick up some prime meat cuts for dinner. You can also Contact Us to reserve your bulk order for collection at our market stall.

Our refined Walkers Wool is for people walking the Great Ocean Walk, Kokoda Trail, Camino Trail, the Great Wall of China, or who just love to go walking in the countryside. It helps protect your feet and toes from blisters and sore spots, and comes in three sizes ~ 3 days, 8 days or 20 days walking. Buy Walker's Wool online

Mary and Steve at Woodlands Wild thank you for being our customer and look forward to serving you.

About Woodlands Wild

The Natural Beauty of Woodlands Wild: Woodlands Wild on the Great Ocean Road near Apollo Bay, Victoria has an amazing diversity of plants and wildlife. The farm is visited by echidnas, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, birds, reptiles, insects, and occasionally a fish or two in the pools of the bordering creek. Areas of undisturbed bush are a wonder-land of tree species, beautiful fungi, cool temperate rainforest, and amazing tree ferns.

Whether it's the Superb Blue wren flitting from perch to perch, or the breathtaking Wedge Tailed eagles soaring effortlessly over their domain, there is unmatched beauty in every corner of Woodlands Wild.

There are five generations of family connected with Woodlands Wild and a lifetime of love for the land. Read more >

Market Update

19/05/2018    We are delighted to announce we are now at Carlton North on the third Saturday of the month, as well as Apollo Bay on the second Saturday of the month.
    • WALKER'S WOOL - For anyone who loves to walk, run, dance, or jump for joy. Used by people on the Great Ocean Walk or Camino Trail.

    Ethical Farming

    Woodlands Wild ethical farming: Organic and traditional farming combined for better livestock care, land care and food yield.
    Livestock: Provide livestock with the best possible care.
    Landcare: Regenerate the land, care for the soil structure, control invasive weeds, and preserve the natural beauty and bio diversity of the landscape.
    Food: Free range natural food with lower impact on the environment.

    Ethical farming - Organic and Traditional farming combined: Farming is a continuous battle to deal with seasonal or unexpected challenges. Ethical farming embraces some but not all, of both organic farming and traditional farming methods. A holistic flexible response to the constant challenges allows better outcomes for livestock care, land care and food yield. We don’t pretend to be fully organic when we’re not. We are happy to evaluate new technology for improvement in farming practice and food yield in a world which is already short of food. Below are some examples of how we balance organic and traditional farming methods to ensure ethical farming outcomes. We welcome comments or questions from customers on how we operate our beautiful farm. Read More >

    Prime Otway Lamb

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