About Ethical Farming

Woodlands Wild ethical farming: Organic and traditional farming combined for better livestock care, land care and food yield.
Livestock: Provide livestock with the best possible care.
Landcare: Regenerate the land, care for the soil structure, control invasive weeds, and preserve the natural beauty and bio diversity of the landscape.
Food: Free range natural food with lower impact on the environment.

Ethical farming - Organic and Traditional farming combined: Farming is a continuous battle to deal with seasonal or unexpected challenges. Ethical farming embraces some but not all, of both organic farming and traditional farming methods. A holistic flexible response to the constant challenges allows better outcomes for livestock care, land care and food yield. We don’t pretend to be fully organic when we’re not. We are happy to evaluate new technology for improvement in farming practice and food yield in a world which is already short of food. Below are some examples of how we balance organic and traditional farming methods to ensure ethical farming outcomes. We welcome comments or questions from customers on how we operate our beautiful farm. Read more >