A big box of lamb cuts just right for your family and for sharing with friends.

Leg of Lamb Roast 1 2.1 kg
Butterfly Leg of Lamb 1 1.6 kg 
Rolled Shoulder 1 1.3 kg
Rack of Lamb 1 0.6 kg
Loin Chops 6 0.9 kg
Forequarter BBQ Chops 8 1.5 kg
Diced Lamb 1 0.5 kg
Rosette Chops 4 0.4 kg
Lamb Sausages 1 kg
Weight: 10kg approximate.
(Product weights are a guide only and may vary.)

Delivery to the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne (check 'Delivery' tab on Product page). Pick up on the 3rd Saturday of the month from Fairfield Farmers Market or on the 2nd Saturday of the month from Apollo Bay Foreshore Market.

Category: Delicious, Lamb, Prime

Woodlands Wild Prime Otway lamb is ethically farmed and well cared for. Raised on lush pastures by the sea, the flavour is exceptional.

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